BEST OF DAY 4 – Mother said there’d be days like this….,Bicester Village bei London am 28.06.2014When there’s a good reason to be on time, a lady can get herself ready to face the world very quickly.Although the sun had only just risen above the horizon, all of our CHIC TRIP ladies were already waiting beside the shuttles, perfectly right on time and clutching steaming cups of coffee-to-go in their hands. Then we headed to the autobahn for our final convoy ride.

Our destination: Munich Airport. We quickly checked in at the Lufthansa VIP service counter and checked the details of our upcoming Bicester Village shopping route. Aboard the jet, the ladies made themselves comfortable in business class and we switched from flight mode to planning mode. Strategic brand alliances soon formed as the ladies planned exactly how much time to spend in which shops. Professional shoppers like these really know how to shop!
​England greeted us with typically rainy British weather, but the drizzle couldn’t dampen our spirits or curb our enthusiasm for the upcoming visit to the English shopping Village. The Bicester Village Shopping Express met us at the airport and gave us an exclusive ride to the Chic lounge, where we enjoyed an incredibly warm welcome from Maxine Message, who equipped us with everything that could possibly make our day even more pleasant, for example, VIP passes, five-star service and our own code for access to the lounge.

We wished the ladies plenty of fun, but the first girls were already on their way out. After all, every minute counts and time management is the key to success for professional fashionistas. The biggest challenge was faced by our enthusiastic photographer Goran, who was hard pressed to keep up with the loping pack of fashionistas. It would be no less challenging for Goran to find our CHIC ladies amongst the crowd of other guests at the Village than for our CHIC ladies to find the absolutely right it-pieces.

But the snapshots and the trophies speak for themselves! When the fashion hunters regrouped, there was no holding them back. Everyone proudly displayed their brand-name booty at the Chic lounge, in the Shopping Express and at the airport. Whoever thought there was no such thing as an XXL shopping bag soon discovered that she’d been labouring under a misconception. The ladies had bagged everything that crossed their paths: luxury brands, premium labels and young designers from the British Designer Collective Pop-up. Shop till you drop!
At the airport, it was time to say goodbye after four exciting days. Even the security people were a bit perplexed by such a dense concentration of pretty ladies and so many bulging shopping bags. There was no need to shed tears because the women had made wonderful new friendships, whether with fellow CHIC TRIP ladies or new brands. It had been a marvellous experience and everything will think back on it with much pleasure. We hope that one or another of the fashion pieces you found during the CHIC TRIP will serve as a unique souvenir of the lovely time we spent together.

THE CHIC TRIP is over… but LIFE IS A CHIC STATEMENT EVERY DAY. Thank you! Your Village People!

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