Best of Day 3 – Village of Casual Modernism…, Ingolstadt Village und Holger Strombergs Kounge MŸnchen am 27.06.2014Scrumptious creampuffs of fair-weather clouds burgeoned across a classically blue Bavarian sky to welcome us to a lovely day of shopping in Ingolstadt Village. The Village People were already waiting for us and the Chic Lounge was all decked out in a white and blue CHIC TRIP outfit—an homage to chic Bavaria. Even our marketing director was wearing a powder-blue suit. And our business director Sabine Asimus had dressed in summery white to welcome the ladies. A highlight of our glamorous welcome: photos in front of the logo wall—this is how it-girls travel!

But after the photo call, nothing could hold the girls back because they’d heard through the grapevine that one of the world’s coolest shoe brands had opened a pop-up store in the Village. Off we went, with Eva in the lead, to snap up a few choice pairs of chic heels…

…New shoes tucked into our shopping bags, we all swarmed out of the pop-up store to conquer the rest of the Village. By midday, we were yearning for refreshments and relaxation, so we dropped in to chill out at the CHIC Lounge, where light and tasty Asian cuisine tickled our taste bud. The only thing missing was a yoga session! After devoting the afternoon to another round of power shopping, our trip to Ingolstadt Village wound down with an exclusive cocktail reception, where we chatted about our best buys and discovered what the “talk of the Village” is right now.

Then we made our way to Munich and the Palace Hotel, where the motto was “dress up for the last night of THE CHIC TRIP”.  From the lounge to the “kounge”: Stromberg’s hybrid kitchen and lounge is appropriately called a “kounge”. It was the perfect location for a special finale, also because this was our last evening with Eva. We all had such a wonderful time with her—so fashionable and so relaxed. The kounge was exclusively reserved for THE CHIC TRIP and the ladies were invited to look over the shoulders of the chefs in the kitchen—while surprise guest Hardy Krüger Jr. looked over the ladies’ shoulders. He and his camera had come to the kounge to capture snapshots of the exciting evening. Hardy also showed us a gallery of his photos on our CHIC TRIP blog: “An Evening by Hardy Krüger Jr.”

A terrific video gave us an enticing preview of the CHIC TRIP’s next day, which would unfortunately also be its final day. We’ll fly Lufthansa Business Class to London tomorrow morning and then cont overland to Bicester Village. So while you’re reading this report about our third day, we’ll be luxuriating aboard a Lufthansa jet and preparing our strategy for the next shopping spree. Join us in Bicester Village!

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