INSIDE THE CHIC TRIP – Shopping joy at Ingolstadt Village

Rise and shine, shopping queens! After a very relaxing night at the Sheraton Carlton Hotel in Nürnberg and a breakfast that did not leave any wishes unheard, we headed to our second shopping destination: Ingolstadt Village! We were all totally excited which brands and must-haves would be waiting for us there. And only a short welcoming speech later, we were free to go and check out the stores! And so I went on a stroll through the village. I was able to quickly see the differences between the two German villages. Both have a visual appearance that reflects the surrounding region and area. While yesterday’s Wertheim Village is built with a rather romantic look and winding alleys just like the nearby city of Wertheim, Ingolstadt Village has a more industrial, clean and straight style which I really love. Still, this shopping destination has a relaxed atmosphere.

Today the fashionistas added some of the Italian high fashion brands to their shopping lists. As a big lover of all kinds of bags, I was especially looking forward to checking out Coccinelle and MCM, where – of course – I spent some of my budget. I really have to admit that the shop staff at the Villages are very friendly and courteous. Whether I needed a different color of a bag or some hints concerning the care of the leather – they all were extremely cooperative.

Through the windows of the stores I could see some of my shopping companions – for example Chinese blogger Lifen who was already packed with shopping bags. My heart missed a beat when I saw the Wiesenkönig pop-up store which offers  traditional attires for everyone who loves festivals like Oktoberfest just as much as I do. Of course, I had to check it out!

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