First night together, Frankfurt Hotel Roomers am 25.06.2014

Everyone was tremendously excited and bursting with curiosity: he participants hoped they’d packed the right fashion pieces, while we Village People were busy as bees with the final preparations and eager as beavers to meet the participants. It was a little bit like opening the flaps on an Advent calendar to see what goodies await us!

We’d draped each participant’s room with a Village Survival Set, including a CHIC shopping bag packed with everything a girl needs to be well equipped for a CHIC Village shopping marathon. We’d reserved the Sony smartphones to give personally: each smartphone is already programmed with all of the important social-media tools. In the meantime, the sunshine had given a relaxing atmosphere to the garden at Roomers’ and our ladies began arriving in the cosy little lounge for a welcoming glass of champagne – much to the delight of the other guests because a comparably CHIC CREW isn’t seen here very often. It was almost like watching fashion models sashay down a catwalk. It was simply wonderful: for us Village People because everyone had finally arrived and we could get to know them personally.

THE CHIC TRIP began with the “Hard Facts”: Who belongs to the crew and what events are on the trip’s agenda – but without revealing all the secrets. After all, CHIC secrets are essential! Dr. Marc Mangold, our Village Marketing Director Germany, was obviously feeling great in his role as the only “rooster in the henhouse”. After the first glamour photo, the ice was broken and it was time for an exclusive dinner. Each winner sat beside “her” journalist, along with a cosmopolitan mix of bloggers.  This went perfectly well with a friendly greeting from Lufthansas spokeswoman Barbara Schädler, who spent the rest of the evening with us. Then we segued into one of the evening’s highlights as Eva Padberg spoke to us for the first time. Her words of welcome gave us a foretaste of easy and affable way she interacts with the most diverse sorts of people. We Village People already know that about Eva because we’ve had the pleasure of working with her for more than a year. This makes us all the more pleased to be able to introduce our CHIC TRIP participants to congenial Eva.

But our first evening was primarily intended to give the participants a chance to get to know one another and to chat while nibbling on Roomers’ tasty treats. Topics of conversation included fashion, it-girls, must-haves, wish lists, dos and no-gos, highlights and all those other little secrets that girls share with one another… fashionistas know what we mean :-)

A lovely evening: ladies, you’re beautiful!


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