The Village story begins …, Wertheim Village am 26.06.2014

We travel by shuttle from Frankfurt, through Spessart to Wertheim Village, which i, so to speak, the “warm-up” for our shopping ladies in the first Village on our tour. We light from the shuttle onto a red carpet, where the Wertheim Village team is waiting to greet the CHIC TRIP crew. Then comes a welcoming get-together and shopping tips in the CHIC Lounge and most importantly: a map showing the locations of the Village’s shops and brands. It’s not so easy to remember so many details. We sharpen our sensors and sip smoothies to refresh our energies. Dany, the makeup artist, gives the winner a personal consultation. Then we start our stroll through our first Village – with a shopping coupon worth 1,000 euros tucked in each lady’s handbag.

The ladies’ first fashion trophies and brand preferences soon come to light at lunch in “La Piazza” restaurant. The spectrum of purchases ranges from stylish to colourful: yes, we hunt in a pack, but each one of us finds the special style that’s exactly right for her. We proudly present our freshly captured “prey” to our photographer and the bright sunshine invites us to flirt with the camera. Then it’s time to say goodbye to Wertheim Village and return to the shuttles, which are just now pulling up to the gate. “All aboard!” The first champagne cork flies from its bottleneck with a “pop” and we’re off to Nuremberg, our next destination, where a relaxing evening winds down with Mediterranean food and a wine tasting in Vineria. Here too, it quickly becomes clear that the ladies in our little circle have plenty of stories to tell each other. Eva sits among the winners and everyone talks so much about fashion that our voices are beginning to get hoarse by bedtime. We too, the others accompanying the winners, finish the evening with plenty of interesting discussions before we go happily off to bed. One or the other of us wraps herself in FTC cashmere – one of the day’s shopping favourites.
Looking forward to new adventures in Ingolstadt Village & Bicester Village!


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