An Evening by Hardy Krüger Jr.

An Evening by Hardy Krüger jr.

©Hardy Krüger jr.

©Hardy Krüger jr.

The well-known actor Hardy Krüger Jr. once again staged his photographs in a collaborative project with the CHIC OUTLET SHOPPING® Villages.

‘Perspectives’, his first exhibition, was shown at Ingolstadt Village in October 2013. This showing presented a unique selection of his photos, which he shot over a period of several years and on various continents around the world.

These pictures were especially fascinating because they reflect the diversity of the portrayed people and the profoundness of their living conditions.

A guided tour of the exhibition, personally led by Hardy Krüger Jr., made the event even more unforgettable for the Village’s guests.

“I’ve always been fascinated by photography. My camera is my most faithful travel companion. To capture what many great photographers call as ‘the magic moment’ is a unique experience. It’s that fleeting instant when everything is exactly right!’

Hardy Krüger Jr. recently experienced one another of these ‘magic moments’ when he was invited to participate in the charitable cultural project ‘Millerntor Gallery’ in Hamburg in late May 2014. National and international artists showed their work on 4,000 square meters of floor space. The displayed projects included Ólafur Elíasson’s ‘Little Sun’ and Christoph Schlingensief’s opera village. Alongside Sigmar Polke, Udo Lindenberg, Bruno Bruni and other artists, Hardy Krüger Jr. likewise made his photographs available for this charity auction, where artworks valued at more than €56,000 went under the hammer.

‘The Magic Moment’ and the male gaze through the camera’s lens were two themes that persuaded Hardy Krüger Jr. to participate in the Villages’ impromptu project THE CHIC TRIP Gallery. In his role as creative observer, Krüger accompanied THE CHIC TRIP’s crew on their final evening in Germany. The resulting gallery of photos documents the evening from the perspective of the photographer Hardy Krüger Jr. and stages THE CHIC TRIP’s fashion community from a new and unique viewpoint.

“Experiences manifest instantaneously. I just let it happen. Alertness and having that ‘special’ eye enable me to see and experience the world differently, to observe every second with greater precision, to discover something ‘unique’ in the seemingly ‘insignificant’, and to capture it with a ‘click’ of the shutter. It was exciting to be part of such an evening and to eternalize moments that are unique for this group.”

Before the selected photos were displayed here, the photographer personalized them with his special handwriting: “ENJOY”, he wrote, and that’s precisely what the CHIC TRIP ladies did before they flew to England very, very early the next morning.






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